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Mommy's Love
"Mommy, mommy, do you love me?"
"Of course of course,
Don't ever think not."
Comfort to youngsters' ears.
"But what if THIS? Still then? Still then?"
"Why yes, never doubt it.
No matter what
I love you forever.
Now look at THEM:
Losers, immoral, godless freaks.
Never will accept them.
Who could? Who could love them?"
"Mommy, mommy,"
A whisper in the dark,
"I am that person,
The one you can't accept,"
Handling life is a struggle,
Hell comes with death,
And the mirror hates, insults
The person I truly am.
Mommy, mommy,
Knowing this: Love me still?
I am everything you despise.
I am your little freak."
:iconkikeri-ki:Kikeri-Ki 1 0
I See
I see in swirls
curving this way and that,
spinning in every direction,
until nothing seems steady anymore.
Spiraling upwards and outwards,
or to the crushing point of a snail's shell.
I see in lines
pointing off into the distance,
converging into a single point
then taking off into a vast unknown.
Is it freedom they preach?
Or are they the iron lines of prison bars?
I see in gray
because black and white limits,
and colors flash and distract.
Both trick and deceive.
Gray flickers between issues,
but adds dimension to thought.
I see in shapes.
Squares build a foundation,
triangles poke and prod,
but circles blunt their edges.
All the while a picture is formed,
and yet nothing is as it seems.
I see from the middle ,
since there both sides are seen.
Nothing is that simple. Nothing.
Directions split and merge,
freedom can crush or fly,
and an issue means nothing without shades
I see through my eyes
a view much different than yours.
Seeing the world from a different point,
to reach my own c
:iconkikeri-ki:Kikeri-Ki 0 1
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Once upon a time there was this chick named Staci. 

She moved away to pursue her Masters in Biology

She found out that she really loved the field of vector biology. And that her project was much much MUCH bigger than either she or her advisor could have anticipated.

So in January 2016, she took a chance and applied to bypass a Masters completely and move straight into the Ph.D. program. 

Because that couldn't go wrong, right? 

But she successfully did it. Starting Fall 2016, she will officially be a doctoral student of Biology. 

Life has been a struggle. And busy. But still alive.

She misses her friends from this site. And hopes they are doing well. 

She hopes to visit more often.

She hopes that school won't kill her or her dreams, small as they may be.

She hopes that this journal update will end soon so that she doesn't ramble more than need be.

She won't bore you with the details of her life since her last update.

But she wants you to know she's ok. Or at least alive. And misses you all; those that may care or are still around, that is. 

Did she live happily ever after?


We'll see. 


United States

*A whole lot of WTF


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